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23/11/23 12.44

The CEO of Net Service is among the speakers at the conference titled "Using AI in Software Development for Public Administration"

Net Service, with the participation of its CEO in the conference "Utilizing AI in Software Development for Public Administration," reaffirms its position as a key player in the digital innovation landscape, leading the discussion on AI and its strategic use in Public Administration.

Gianluca Ortolani, CEO of Net Service S.p.A., will among the participants at the third panel of the conference. His participation highlights the company's commitment to innovation and the digital transformation of the Italian public administration.

Ortolani, with his extensive experience and strategic vision, will discuss how Net Service is addressing the topic of artificial intelligence. During his presentation, he will emphasize the importance of an ethical and strategic approach to AI adoption, tackling crucial issues like territorial management, surveillance, risk management, and the development of skills necessary for a responsible digital future.

This event, organized by CERCHIO ICT in house, represents a unique opportunity to create synergies between different corporate and institutional realities. Informatica Alto Adige, Lepida, Pasubio Tecnologia, and Trentino Digitale are joining forces to promote the effectiveness and quality of services to citizens and public entities. Ortolani's participation underscores Net Service's role as a leader and innovator in the sector, promoting territorial digitalization and innovation.

The event will take place across four distinct locations, all connected through a digital platform, and it will be live-streamed.
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