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06/04/23 14.03

Net Service and Flosslab technical partners for the development of the blockchain platform promoted by Infratel Italia

Infratel Italia has promoted a blockchain platform to automate and certify documents workflows.
The system aims to improve the efficiency of the communication flow between Infratel Italia and Open Fiber with regard to the sending, verification and synchronisation of the documentation related to the interventions of the Banda Ultralarga Plan in the so-called 'white areas'.

The platform, developed by Net Service and Flosslab, acts as a middleware that interfaces with the information systems of Open Fiber and Infratel Italia. The system ensures the correctness of the data sent through syntactic and semantic validation of the information exchanged and notarises it on the Etherna blockchain.

Specifically, the use of a blockchain-based automation and certification platform for document workflows has led to a significant reduction of manual activities in the transfer of authorisation data between Open Fiber and Infratel Italia. The technology employed guarantees an additional level of security and data integrity, making the entire process fully certified.
The system architecture was designed using highly innovative technological components, which put the solution at the forefront in terms of robustness, scalability and maintainability. The process can be easily monitored, verified and consulted via a dedicated dashboard. Finally, the implemented solution ensures greater transparency in the management of processes and documentation, reducing possible disputes and controversies.

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