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14/12/23 17.19

Net Service certifies its commitment to gender equality (UNI/PDR 125)

Net Service has achieved the UNI/PDR 125:2022 certification, marking a significant acknowledgment of its ongoing commitment to promoting gender equality. This milestone is a substantial step toward a more inclusive and fair future for all its internal staff and collaborators.

For Net Service, this achievement reinforces and reinvigorates its commitment to an increasingly inclusive future, focusing on more equitable gender equality. The recognition from the Certification Body APAVE Italy rewards the company's journey in promoting equal opportunities in job access, career progression, training, pay equity, and support for shared parenthood through tangible actions.

Net Service's mission has always been clear: to create a workplace where talent, skill, and humanity are key evaluation parameters. This certification is the result of years of effort to establish a work ethic based on respect, diversity, and inclusion. It's a tangible demonstration of its commitment to ensuring every voice is heard and every contribution valued, regardless of gender.

Net Service's commitment doesn't stop here. It continues to work daily to ensure its corporate policies and practices reflect the values of equity and inclusion. This certification is an important step, but it's just the beginning of an ongoing journey towards excellence in gender equality and social responsibility.

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