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13/05/24 13.05

Net Service at the Emerging Tech Summit in Dubai to Promote its e-Justice, No Code, and Cyber Security Solutions

Net Service Group will participate in the Emerging Tech Summit Saudi Arabia and UAE, an event designed to catalyze technological growth in the region, which will be held on May 22 and 23, 2024, in Dubai.

Representing the Group at the event will be Michele Bianco, Director of Enterprise Market of Net Service and President of Realvalue Consulting, along with Chicco Porcu, Net Service Marketing Director. They will meet various local and international operators, presenting the Group's innovative IT solutions.

"We are strengthening our presence in the international market in three main areas," says Michele Bianco, Director of Enterprise Market. "The first is e-Justice, where we have developed a secure and innovative platform similar to the one used by the European Court of Justice. The second is aimed at the enterprise market, thanks to our experience with no-code platforms that enable the creation of software applications without the need for coding skills, increasing operational efficiency and reducing development times, at a time when the IT supply cannot adequately meet the growing demand."

"Our cyber security expertise is equally strategic," adds Chicco Porcu, Marketing Director of Net Service, explaining how "in the current, unstable geopolitical context with the constant evolution of cyber-attacks on digital infrastructures of public and private institutions, there is an increasing need for more advanced cybersecurity solutions." Chicco Porcu concludes, "In this scenario, we want to make a significant contribution through services that can evaluate and test the information systems architecture of our clients and develop appropriate cybersecurity planning for the most sensitive economic and institutional activities."

One of the highlights of the participation at the ETS will be the meeting scheduled for Saturday, May 25, with the Italian Ambassador to Dubai, Lorenzo Fanara, where possibilities for collaboration with businesses and institutions in the region will be further explored.

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