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10/05/23 17.19

Flosslab and Net Service serve as technology partners for the TrackIT Blockchain project, backed by the Italian Trade Agency

The Italian Trade Agency (ITA), a government-affiliated public body, focuses on fostering the growth and economic-commercial expansion of Italian enterprises in international markets. 

One of ITA's main objectives is to promote and safeguard Italian businesses abroad by employing blockchain technology to track production chains. This goal has come to fruition with the 'TrackIT Blockchain' project, providing companies with a competitive edge in foreign markets and an added promotional instrument for their products.

Flosslab and Net Service were chosen as two of the nine technology partners to deliver the service. The proposed platform is built on the B-Supply system, featuring two unique components. First, it provides a user-friendly portal that allows companies to enter product information and production steps, which are then recorded on the blockchain and displayed in the online showcase. Second, the online showcase enables end consumers to verify product authenticity, explore the production chain, and learn more about the company and purchased product by scanning a QR code or visiting the website

Now in its inaugural year, the project is specifically tailored to benefit Italian companies in the agri-food, fashion, cosmetics, and furniture/design export sectors. As part of the initiative, an 18-month complimentary blockchain tracking service is provided. Once this period concludes, the participating companies have the discretion to determine whether and how they wish to continue using the service.

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