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25/10/23 8.47

Flosslab and the University of Cagliari introduce "HALO Protection": an agritech solution to safeguard the agri-food supply chain

Flosslab, a Net Service Group company with robust expertise in Decentralized Ledger Technologies (DLTs), has initiated a significant partnership with the University of Cagliari to bring to life the "HALO Protection" project. This venture marks a progressive step in merging the dependability of Blockchain technology and the advanced capabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) tailored for the Agrifood industry.

The key objectives of the project encompass:

  • Crafting an advanced software solution to safeguard and ensure the integrity of the agri-food production process.
  • Employing blockchain as a tool for transparency, immutability, and oversight throughout the entire production cycle.
  • Incorporating sensors and IoT devices to analyze and shield products against potential counterfeits while affirming their authenticity.
  • Presenting consumers with a detailed insight into the production chain through an interactive platform.

This ambitious initiative is supported by the Regional Development Program 2020-2024, funded by Sardegna Ricerche, and features collaborations with prestigious local entities, such as the Siddùra winery and the Radicas Agricultural Society.

For further details on the "HALO Protection," please refer to this news article published on the Flosslab website.

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