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31/05/23 16.14

ITALIT won the Consip tender for the supply of Cloud application services and demand and pmo services for central public administrations

The Temporary Consortium of Companies (TCC), with participation from ITALIT and leadership from IBM (as the mandated party), has signed a framework agreement for the procurement of cloud application services, on-demand services, and PMO services for Central Public Administrations. According to the tender announcement, the framework agreement has a total value of €600 million for the RTI and a duration of 24 months, during which the Administrations can enter into contracts with the RTI for a maximum term of 60 months.

The tender is part of the Italian Public Administration's digital transformation strategy and adheres to the 'Cloud First' principle. When defining a new project and developing new services, Public Administrations primarily adopt the cloud infrastructure. This signifies a significant technological breakthrough for the digitalisation and transformation of the application systems used by the Public Administration. 

ITALIT is a network of 100% Italian-certified companies, with founding members including Net Service S.p.A., Reevo S.p.A., N&C S.r.l, Webgenesys S.p.A., and Fides S.r.l. The companies within the ITALIT network are capable of managing complex projects, leveraging specialized skills spanning all areas of the Digital Transformation and ICT market. ITALIT's primary objective is to foster a genuine Digital Transformation process in the market, through its technical and technological expertise, providing reliable and innovative solutions. The skills of each partner are combined in the interest of customers to offer 'Made-in-Italy' solutions, delivered through strictly national infrastructures.

As part of the Consip tender for the supply of Cloud application services and demand and pmo services for central public administrations, ITALIT will bring together highly skilled expertise in Application Development, Cloud, and Cybersecurity. This will ensure the redesign and associated development of Public Administration applications, based on the 'Cloud First' and 'Security by Design' models.

Here is the statement from Gianluca Ortolani, President of ITALIT and CEO of Net Service S.p.A.:
"We are extremely proud of this accomplishment. We are honoured to contribute to the country's digital transformation process and are determined to showcase the value of Italian SMEs. We are prepared to lend our expertise to the entire cluster of companies."

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