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05/06/18 13.05

Net Service and Treedom Collaborate to Aid Reforestation in Kenya


Net Service and Treedom Collaborate to Aid Reforestation in Kenya

Bologna to Kenya in the name of environmental sustainability with the help of a partnership between Net Service and Treedom. The Bologna-based company has joined the project of reforestation by planting eleven trees in Kenya, a choice made by Net Service towards sustainability and the principles of ISO 14001 certification held by the company since 2012. 
The Net Service forest  is online and you can follow the growth of planted trees.

Support for the Treedom reforestation project is aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and is part of an eco-responsible ethos held by the company.

There are eleven trees in total, an avocado tree and ten grevillea trees, which are now growing in Kenya. Net Service has chosen to plant these as they collectively absorb around 8.500 kg of CO2  from the atmosphere. This quantity compensates twice the company's indirect emissions footprint for 2017.

In a world which consumes resources in half the time the Earth can regenerate them, Net Service is committed to reducing its environmental impact. With ISO 14001 certification a further stimulus for initiatives aimed at safeguarding the environment.

Net Service has chosen Treedom because the project is in-line with the company's values. The Florentine company, founded in 2010, is globally recognised and, in the last three years, has already planted more than 400,000 trees in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Italy.

Visit the Net Service forest!

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