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11/01/19 15.58

Net Service confirms attendance at Infrachain's New Year's Governance Meeting 2019

Net Service, official partner of Infrachain's New Year's Governance Meeting 2019

Net Service is sponsoring the Governance meeting, organised by Infrachain in Luxembourg, at the House of Startups (LHoFT), on Tuesday 15th January 2019. 
As previously reported, in 2018 the Bologna-based company became part of Infrachain and Net Service's full member status to the community has granted immersion into a highly specialized environment. This connection strengthens the company's Research and Development Center, most notably in Blockchain, a field the company has been investing in for some time.


The Infrachain event will take place on Tuesday 15th January 2019 in Luxembourg at the House of Startups (LHoFT)

The location is significant as LHoFT is a key technological hub and centre of excellence in Luxembourg. The hub is designed to create a meeting point between the national and international Fintech community and to foster new business growth towards the development of solutions able to shape the world of tomorrow.
The main objective of Infrachain's New Year's Governance Meeting 2019 is both to congregate the various committees which form the Infrachain governance system and to source new appointments of committee members. 

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In this interview, Cristiano Morganti explained why for Net Service as well as any other company that works with blockchain, is so important to become members of INFRACHAIN.