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23/11/23 15.32

ITNation interview to Dario Pizzolante, Managing Director of Net Service Luxembourg


Net Service has strategically chosen Luxembourg as its springboard for European growth. This move signifies the company's commitment to enhancing its presence in the local market while catalyzing its global ambitions.

It has been operational in Luxembourg since 2019 with its subsidiary Net Service Luxembourg.
This sister company plays a pivotal role in supporting key European public institutions, including the groundbreaking initiative with the Unified Patent Court - the first entirely digital court with centralized operations. Additionally, the firm assists the European Court of Justice in its digitalization endeavors.

Under the leadership of Cristiano Morganti and Dario Pizzolante, Managing Director, Net Service Luxembourg is becoming synonymous with excellence in e-government, case management systems and digital justice solutions.

Understanding the dynamic nature of technology, Net Service Luxembourg is investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. This foresight is aligned with the company's mission to continually expand its expertise, a testament to its collaboration with Italy's academic sector and participation in Luxembourg's Infrachain board.

The company's focus on new technologies is evident in its innovative solutions across various sectors, including banking and logistics. These solutions are designed not just for current needs but with a vision for long-term efficacy and integration.

Net Service Luxembourg, though a part of a larger international group, operates with a dedicated team in Luxembourg, ensuring personalized and efficient service delivery.

For those intrigued by Net Service Luxembourg's journey and its pioneering role in digital transformation, more details can be found at ITNation's exclusive interview, providing deeper insights into the company's strategies, projects, and future aspirations.

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Net Service and Realvalue are proud to announce the inauguration of a new office in Cosenza, further strengthening ICT innovation and the development of new talents in Calabria. In collaboration with the University of Calabria and local companies like Nanosoft, our goal is to expand our expertise in open source and no-code platforms. This initiative underscores our commitment to attracting talent and fostering technological development in Southern Italy, aligning with our leadership in the ICT sector.

On Wednesday 21 June 2023 , at the PWC headquarters in Cloche D'or, Net Service and other IT professionals met in the Golden-i event to celebrate, discuss and share results and innovations carried out by tech companies in Luxembourg.


Net Service will support the the promotional activities that will be organized by the Italian Embassy in Luxembourg.


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