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07/08/20 14.46

B-Voting: Digital Voting and Virtual Meetings

With B-Voting, Net Service was able to support the Italian Industrial Property Consultants Institute for its virtual General Meeting and electronic voting process.


The Covid-19 emergency has forced the digitalization process for entities and associations to accelerate considerably. As part of its new technologies, Net Service has developed a cutting-edge electronic voting system, B-Voting, which allowed the Industrial Property Consultants Institute to hold its General Meeting together with an electronic vote, integrated with all of its own procedures for running the ballot.

B-Voting’s configurability made it possible to interpret the required voting model and set up a system based on the needs expressed, including:

  • creation of an online registration form for members at the Meeting;
  • sending of customized emails with instructions for attending the Meeting and for voting;
  • configuration and optimization of a conference tool to connect up to 10,000 voters at the same time;
  • practical demo of the voting tool with the organizers;
  • speaker onboarding process with practical 1-to-1 sessions to guarantee maximum remote connection speed and efficiency;
  • sending of unequivocal, personal voting credentials to all those attending the Meeting;
  • voting card configuration with multiple choices, open responses and proxy management;
  • connection and voting possible from PC or any mobile device;
  • immediate reporting with results of the ballot;
  • sharing of voting results and the list of those attending the Meeting.


Through its digital innovation hub, the Net Service Digital Hub, Net Service was able to collaborate in this important event, not just in terms of technology, but also with operational technical support, playing a part in collecting the votes of those registered with the Industrial Property Consultants Institute ballot held on 15 July.

The B-Voting system was used to achieve these results. With B-Voting it is possible to certify every single vote on a private or public Blockchain, as well as supporting traditional electronic voting models.

B-Voting is part of the Etherna platform, devised by Net Service as a platform distributed for the supply of services based on Blockchain technology (including BCert, B- Voting, B-Supply and B-Signature), also thanks to the use of specific highlevel API.

For more information and details on the technical and organization procedure used, please see the Order site