Integrated electronic voting system

Improved management of the electoral event

B-Voting (Blockchain-Voting) is the innovative electronic voting system engineered and developed by Net Service, integrated with one or more electoral event management procedures (system set-up, distribution of credentials, voting, collection of ballot papers, counting of preferences, publication of results). 

B-Voting overcomes the current limits of the so-called e-voting systems, uplifting the organising authority’s responsibility of guaranteeing anonymity and non-alterability of the vote and transferring such responsibilities to the voting platform.

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Essential requirements

B-Voting guarantees accomplishment of essential requirements for a digital voting system, particularly for elective votes:

  • The vote cannot be tracked back to a voter
  • The vote cannot be altered
  • The vote can be verified
  • The vote count can be verified 

A system with Blockchain in its heart

B-Voting uses Blockchain technology both to execute and to memorize operations.
Developing software that uses the Blockchain as a central component means integrating and extending the accompanying tools, so as to find the right balance between the customer's needs and the nature of the technology itself.

Main benefits of the B-Voting platform

Thanks to its unique features, B-Voting guarantees:


Based on the Smart Contract paradigm, B-Voting guarantees the publication of all the specifications and rules used to ensure the highest level of transparency in the voting process. B-Voting also allows to check the outcome of the voting transaction at any moment in time.


The platform is fully configurable. Each user can design the desired voting system model. The system can be released both as a Web Application and as a mobile DApp.


Using Blockchain via the B-Voting environment guarantees the immutability of the secret ballot for each voter and the expression 
of a single vote per voter (Privacy by Design).


Traceability of all transactions at all stages allows to certify the origin of the transaction.


Transactions are managed without intermediaries and without a central management authority.

Limited maintenance 

Developing B-Vote with Open Source technology, allows to save management costs. Blockchain-based technologies do not require major maintenance and technical support.

One platfom, multiple Blockchains

The Blockchain technologies currently supported are Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS. Nevertheless the platform can be configured to work with any type of Blockchain, public, private or a consortium.

Would you like to learn more about B-Voting?

Contact Net Service. Its experts will be more than happy to answer your questions and explain in detail the solution’s features and advantages.