The certification service on Blockchain

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Unique digital certificates via Blockchain

B-Cert is a portal that allows the organization to certify any type of document or message on public Blockchain (es. Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin), by obtaining a unique digital successful registration certificate.

B-Cert acts as notarisation systems useful for guaranteeing the existence of specific digital content on a given date, and for proving ownership of content before anyone else.

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For protected certified digital content

B-Cert provides certification of a unique footprint of original digital content on Blockchain, preventing public access to the real information content, that will be protected and illegible.

The organization can prove actual possession of the document at any time, by showing the original digital content and by using B-Cert, or Blockchain itself, as a validation system for the certificate.

The advantages of adopting B-Cert

Thanks to its particular technological characteristics, B-Cert allows you to:

  • Certify documents of personalised messages on public Blockchains in Bitcoin or Ethereum technologies
  • Check whether a certain document is already certified on Blockchain
  • Manage your own certifications using the intuitive online dashboard
  • Attach personalised messages to the certification
  • Certify a document anonymously, without registering it
  • Purchase multiple certificates, thus saving money
  • Share certificates and original documents easily
  • Import the documents to be certified from your own Google Drive or Dropbox

The services offered by our qualified experts

Client certification desktop and integration API
Certification on private Blockchains in Bitcoin or Ethereum technologies
Personalised notarisation via specific client utilities
Mass Certification System
Reading documents from personalised storage
Saving documents on personalised platform

Do you want to know more about B-Cert?

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