Blockchain Data Certification

B-Cert certifies registration on the public Blockchain for all file types.

B-Cert works as a notary system guaranteeing the existence and immutability of specific digital content at the date of registration as well as the ownership of the information.

B-Cert protects the content. The hash (fingerprint) of the file is recorded on the Blockchain, but not its content.

Content integrity can be demonstrated at any time and in a transparent way, by checking on B-Cert or by directly querying the Blockchain.

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For protected certified digital content

B-Cert provides certification of a unique footprint of original digital content on Blockchain, preventing public access to the real information content, that will be protected and illegible.

The organization can prove actual possession of the document at any time, by showing the original digital content and by using B-Cert, or Blockchain itself, as a validation system for the certificate.

The advantages of adopting B-Cert

Thanks to its particular technological characteristics, B-Cert allows you to:

  • Certify your files and customised messages on public Blockchains
  • Check if your file is already certified on a Blockchain
  • Manage your certifications through the control dashboard
  • Share your certification
  • Integrate B-Cert in your system via APIs

The services offered by our qualified experts

Massive Certification System
Desktop Application
Personalized Certification Systems on Private Blockchains
Custom User Accounts for certification
Access to Private Storage for File Reading
File Saving on Private Platforms

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