For certifying and tracking production processes

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The innovative tracking system on Blockchain

B-Supply is a certification and tracking framework for production processes based on Blockchain. It represents valid support for quality control within its production chain and limits the risks of counterfeiting, in order to protect the authenticity of the product.

The system records, in a permanent, immutable and punctual manner, all the progresses of the production process phase with the help of Smart Contracts.
The certification guarantee on Blockchain offers its Customers maximum transparency and allows to reconstruct the entire history of a product right back to its origins.

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The advantages of adopting B-Supply

Thanks to its unique features, B-Supply allows you to:

Design and configure the system based on the supply chain or your production process.

Register, in a permanent and punctual manner, all the development phases of the production chain.

Associate and certify any document relating to the process: transport documents, delivery notes, analysis and compliance documents, etc.

Integrate B-Supply with IOT devices to fully automate registration processes and limit the burden on operators, thus reducing the risk of incorrect manual certifications.

The services offered by our qualified experts

  • Support in integrating existing legacy systems;
  • Create document management systems to support the production process;
  • Create applications for Clients or Final Customers that can be used to display the data recorded on a Blockchain, in a more comfortable and personalized manner;
  • Provide advice and support for the use of Blockchains within their production context;
  • Integrate management software with existing processes;
  • Integrate automatic certification on Blockchains with existing IOT devices.

Would you like to know more about B-Supply?

Contact Net Service. Our experts will be more than happy to answer your questions and explain in detail the solution’s features and advantages.