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03/08/20 16.17

Introducing Etherna Blockchain as a Service

Etherna Blockchain As a Service is a distributed platform conceived by the Net Service for the provision of services based on Blockchain technology.

The way to use the services includes a specially designed API (Application Programming Interface), capable of making any Customer independent (both System Integrators and End Users).

Etherna also uses a proprietary Sidechain developed by combined effort of Net Service R&D sector and its subsidiary Flosslab. Etherna Sidechain received full consent by the Proof of Authority and it is based on the official products of the Ethereum Foundation.
Etherna Sidechain allows to share a ready available Blockchain infrastructure with other stakeholders, while ensuring high immutability through periodic synchronizations on the public Ethereum Blockchain.

Etherna Sidechain is particularly important for:

  • taking full control over the cost per transaction;
  • low latency in the sealing of new blocks;
  • higher throughput per transaction;
  • greater compliance with the GDPR directives, thanks to the data being stored on European servers.

Etherna simplifies the adoption of Blockchain.
The native use of Sidechain allows you to overcome any criticality of integration with the application world, overcoming the typical limitations of the Blockchain world.

In addition to API interfacing services, Net Service developed the following blockchain products:

  • b-cert, to certify every type of digital asset in a secure and univocal way
  • b-voting, for managing remote electoral events
  • b-supply, for the certification and tracking of production processes
  • b-signature, for the secure management of e-signatures

Net Service has invested in Blockchain technology since 2014 and boasts a cutting-edge Competence Center dedicated to the development, integration and evolution of this cutting-edge technology.
The acquisition of Flosslab in 2018 points towards a faster development of Decentralized Apps (DApps) and Smart Contract solutions.

For more information visit or contact us at: [email protected]

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