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25/07/23 16.41

Net Service continues to grow as a leading IT public sector provider thanks to the acquisition of GT 50 Srl

Net Service S.p.A. can finally announce to the market that it has completed the acquisition of 51% of the share capital of GT50 Company Srl, thus becoming its majority shareholder.
The transaction was overseen by Studio BOCG Associati.

This acquisition is part of the company's strategy to grow its turnover and expertise in the public sector.
GT50 is, in fact, the owner of numerous SaaS products protected by copyright and already in use by numerous municipal, provincial, and regional authorities.
The flagship solution developed by GT50 Company is the international 2D-Plus® patent, which enables the creation of digitally signed documents that retain their legal validity even in paper (print) format.
Among the key technologies that convinced the Net Service board to conclude the acquisition were Lambda Service and 2D-Plus® Digital Stamp.
These platforms support the digital transformation of the public sector, enabling printed copies of digitally signed documents to be given the proper legal value.
The legal validity of the paper document derives from the presence of two-dimensional graphic codes: the 2D-Plus® that contains an entire .p7m file, i.e., a special secure QRCode inserted in the graphic signature area of the PDF. The content of this QRCode (Lambda Seal) guarantees the inviolable and secure link between the signed digital document and its hard copy.

Gianluca Ortolani, CEO of Net Service S.p.A., issued the following statement regarding the acquisition of GT50 Srl:
"GT50's technologies and expertise are a strategic building block for the expansion of the Group's services and product lines in both the domestic and international markets."

Sandro Fontana, CEO of GT50 Srl, commented as follows:
"We believe that this event represents an opportunity for both companies and will certainly be beneficial for our customers in terms of evolution, stability, and ICT security on the services provided. We are ready for this new phase and look forward to achieving new goals together with all the companies of the Net Service group."

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