1/9/21 11:37 AM

Net Service ASTREA Case Management System for The European Court of Justice

The Court of Justice of the European Union in 2019 launched the tender COJ-PROC-18/026. The objective of this project is the implementation of an integrated adaptive case management IT solution (hereinafter referred to as ‘integrated case management system’ or ‘SIGA’), based on an adaptive case management tool.

The ultimate goal of the SIGA is to increase the efficiency of the whole institution, limit the duplication of operations, and enhance the interoperability system between the Court and external stakeholders. In particular:

  • SIGA will be used, as a central tool, by both legal areas (Court and Tribunal) and by all ordinary and support services (Chancellery, Registers, Administrative Department and Directorate for Multilingualism);
  • national jurisdictions and parties will be able to connect externally to SIGA to interact directly on their cases.

The contract was awarded to a grouping of economic operators composed of the leader Net Service S.p.A. and the principal Charles Oakes Ltd. The total value of the contract is over 26 million euros in 5 years.

Activities include project management, detailed analysis, configuration (modelling), the development, provision and installation of the dedicated infrastructure, the provision and installation of the necessary software licences, the implementation of operational management procedures, training and any other activities necessary for the operation of the new system.

Net Service has developed a primary positioning in the national and international Digital Justice sector, operating since 2001 as a partner of the Italian Ministry of Justice, then internationally taking part in various European initiatives in the field of e-Justice. Net Service is the reference supplier of the emerging European Court of Trademarks and Patents (Unified Patent Court) following the award of the international tender for the supply of the integrated management information system of which ASTREA is the reference platform. This reference was certainly significant for the award of the COJ-PROC-18/026 tender.

Rocco Antonio Cangelosi, President of the Net Service Group, commented as follows:
“Net Service and its leadership position for the realization of this ambitious project confirms the great capabilities of the Italian entrepreneurship also for the most technologically advanced sectors. Thanks to the empowerment and sophistication of the e-Justice sector with our technology, we will contribute to the pursuit of the objective of a faster and more efficient Justice within the framework of national and international institutions. We are grateful to our diplomatic authorities and in particular to the Italian Embassy in Luxembourg for its support in promoting Italian companies operating in strategic sectors.

For more information follow this link to download the press release.

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