Much more than just simple Management System

INORDINE is the technological solution developed by Net Service
aimed at simplifying and organizing the workflows of Professional Bodies and Associations.

The application is modular and full-web, complete with management software, an Institutional Portal
and a series of additional modules that help support the Admin offices of Bodies
and Associations in carrying out their activities.

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INORDINE is based on three main modules (Management System, IT Protocol and portal) which allow full sharing of data and services. Furthermore, upon request, they can be integrated with other systems used by customers.

The solution includes Ticket Management, the integrated platform dedicated to the assistance service and application support, including an area for monitoring reports and reporting on open tickets.

Grazie al suo modello di lavoro collaborativo e, soprattutto, al fascicolo elettronico in grado di raccogliere l'intera storia e documentazione di ogni iscritto, INORDINE offre un pratico strumento di gestione di Albo, Registri ed Elenchi, del Protocollo informatico, dei documenti e delle attività degli iscritti, ma non solo.

Dota l'Ente anche di un portale istituzionale che consente agli iscritti, attraverso l'apposita Area Riservata, di avere sempre una visione complessiva e costantemente aggiornata della propria situazione.

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INORDINE è in grado di rispondere a tutte le esigenze normative di cui le Segreterie degli Ordini Professionali e delle Associazioni devono tenere conto per la tenuta di Albi, Registri o Elenchi e di tutte le attività ad essi connesse.

È stata configurata in conformità a quanto previsto dal D.P.C.M. 13 novembre 2014Regole tecniche in materia di formazione, trasmissione, copia, duplicazione, riproduzione e validazione temporale dei documenti informatici, nonché di formazione e conservazione dei documenti informatici delle Pubbliche Amministrazioni ai sensi degli articoli 20, 22, 23-bis, 23-ter, 40, comma 1, 41, e 71 e del comma 1 del Codice dell’amministrazione digitale di cui al D.Lgs n. 82 del 2005. La soluzione risponde in particolare ai requisiti della legge 31 dicembre 2012 n.247 per gli Ordini dei Dottori Commercialisti ed Esperti Contabili e al D.Lgs 28 giugno 2005, n. 139 per gli Ordini degli Avvocati.

INORDINE è aderente al Regolamento Generale sulla Protezione dei Dati (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation - Regolamento UE 2016/679) entrato in vigore il 25 maggio 2018.


The main strength of INORDINE is its integrated design approach that allows an overview of all the processes of the Body or the Association’s Admin offices. The solution embodies the most advanced enterprise-class tools, perfectly integrated with each other in order to provide the system users maximum usability and total application reliability. Furthermore, it is developed and constantly updated in compliance with the most recent regulations.

More efficient Administration Offices

Thanks to the introduction of the collaborative work model and an electronic file for each member, INORDINE increases the efficiency of the administrative activities that involve not only the Admin Offices, but all the organizations that make up the Body or the Association.

Safer Data

INORDINE does not require the installation of either a server at the Body or Association premises, or specific software or plugins on workstations. All that is needed is a browser and a good internet connection. All data is in fact managed, stored and protected in the Net Service Data Centres, whose systems and structures are certified for quality and information security in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 standards.

Simplifying processes

This leads to a reduction in the time required to manage both the daily workflow and response to its members, thus resulting in a substantial saving of resources.


Complete and updated profiles

INORDINE enables Bodies to provide their members with a complete overview of their position, updated information and value-added services not only with regard to their obligations towards the Body, but also to support their professional activities (i.e. Training Events).

More sharing spaces

INORDINE enables to create actual sharing spaces among the members and the Body’s various associations in order to encourage greater collaboration, sharing of information and the creation of new opportunities.

Document storage

INORDINE has an efficient document archive that enables the immediate availability and consultation of any document contained in the members’ electronic files.

Greater comunication efficiency

Through the institutional portal and massive communication services, INORDINE provides Bodies with more adequate and timely communication to its members.

Goodbye overlapping and duplications!

INORDINE resolves overlapping and duplication problems of the daily management activities of Admin Offices and Organizations belonging to the Bars or Associations, thus increasing the Body’s efficiency.
Astrea Digital Platform
The solution is an implementation by Astrea® Digital Platform and it is developed by Net Service based on its twenty years of experience in the legal sector.

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