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Thanks to a dedicated competence center, continuous investments in research and development as well as a tested and multifunctional team of certified experts, Net Service has been supporting for over 20 years public administration and businesses in the secure management of data and information with modular, effective and flexible solutions.

The Current Scenario

The digital transition improves life and productivity in a sustainable way for citizens and businesses, but at the same time increases vulnerability to cyber threats for individuals, companies and public administration.

The current geopolitical instability further contributes to the rise in cyber-attacks against major public and private institutions. The crucial question is not whether cybersecurity problems will occur, but whether your organizations will be adequately prepared with the appropriate tools to prevent and neutralize increasingly frequent cyber threats.

A significant change in the approach to cybersecurity is represented by the EU NIS2 Directive, which Italy must implement by October 17, 2024. This directive introduces more stringent security and reporting requirements compared to the ISO 27001 Certification and establishes that cybersecurity responsibility is no longer solely ascribed to IT systems but becomes a direct responsibility of company executives, with severe penalties in case of non-compliance.

An Effective Response to a Complex Problem

The increasing complexity of cyber threats has led to a growing demand for more advanced security solutions. Net Service offers services to evaluate and test the architecture of information systems, developing cybersecurity plans for sensitive and forward-looking economic and institutional activities.

Net Service solutions include two complementary projects:

Architecture Review

A systematic evaluation of the IT architecture, examining components, processes, networks, systems, applications, policies, procedures, and user access.

The Architecture Review projects consists of three phases:
  • Architecture Assessment VAPT: infrastructure assessment.
  • Audit: detailed review of the architecture and processes.
  • Design & Remediation: definition of an architecture that addresses the issues highlighted by the technical assessment.

System Integration Plan

A strategic document that defines specific actions to implement an IT security plan.

The System Integration Plan is a three steps project:
  • Information Security Model: development of a comprehensive framework for information security.
  • Technology Security Measures: definition and verification of technological security measures to protect assets.
  • Information Control Model: development of a comprehensive framework for security control.

CyberNet: The Ideal Starting Point

CyberNet is the Audit phase of the Architecture and Security Review carried out by Net Service in order to identify critical areas and to provide a clear report with practical recommendations on actions to be taken.

It’s the ideal starting point to offer, in a fast and cost-effective way, a comprehensive assessment of an organization's digital security, avoiding negative consequences such as civil and administrative liability, significant financial penalties, inefficiencies, service disruptions, internal demotivation, reputational loss, and decreased customer satisfaction.

CyberNet prevede tre momenti distinti:

Cybersecurity Assessment

Meeting with company management to gather information and to highlight the overall picture of governance, risk analysis, protection measures, system vulnerabilities, event monitoring, incident response, and business continuity.

Vulnerability Assessment

 Identification of vulnerabilities through technical verification of company systems.

Cybersecurity Report

Preparation, presentation, and discussion of the cybersecurity analysis document with company management

Want to give optimal protection to data kept by your organization

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