Technology for e-Gov and e-Justice in Europe

Net Justice - Technology for e-Gov and e-Justice in Europe

Main objective of the operation: 
DESCRIPTIONThe project aims to develop the presence of Net Service on the European Union market, through a long-term strategy aimed primarily at the countries of Central Europe (Benelux, France and Germany). The goal is the confirmation of the Company as a center of excellence in the field of Government and Digital Justice.

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AMOUNT FINANCED: 105.750,00 €
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An internationalization plan for a more effective collaboration within the european institutions

The offer of cutting-edge IT solutions and the high level of competence in the online management of Courts, Public Administration offices and large private Organizations, are the fundamental prerequisites of the innovation projects developed by Net Service, which has become over time an internationally recognized excellence in the e-Government and Digital Justice.

Strengthened by this positioning, in 2019, the company started Net Justice - Technology for e-Gov and e-Justice in Europe, a detailed internationalization plan financed by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia within the 2014-2020 POR FESR Sardinia.

The target countries of this initiative are the members of the European Union, with a particular focus on the nations of central Europe: France, Germany, Benelux. These are countries with policies and strategies - outlined at national and EU level - of implementation of digital processes and, in general, of Digital Transformation in the relationships between Public Administration and citizens that are similar, when not common, to the Italian context.

In this sense, the experience gained in Italy by Net Service can be profitably put to good use.

Net justice: luxembourg as a strategic basis

A key strategic choice is the opening of the Luxembourg office.
The already consolidated presence of Net Service with contracts and innovation initiatives for the Luxembourg government and with impacts also on neighbouring countries (among others: UPC, with local and central divisions; Infrachain, with ongoing collaborations throughout the European Union; EPO, with offices in the Netherlands and Germany) is the basis of this choice.

Luxembourg is also home to numerous international organizations, which represent a primary objective for the core business of Net Service (in some cases with established contacts), such as the European Court of Justice, the European Public Prosecutor's Office, the European Investment Bank. Also easy to reach are the Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg), the International Criminal Court and Eurojust (The Hague), as well as several European agencies and the headquarters of Parliament and EU Commission (Brussels).

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