Identity Management

For correct identity management in the corporate information system

At the heart of IT governance

Identity control becomes a fundamental aspect of IT Governance in a context where, in the face of increasingly complex technologies, the need for compliance with laws, regulations and standards constantly increases, as does the need for incisive corporate reorganisations.

Net service: for more solid and safer infrastructures

Identity Management solutions proposed by Net Service contribute to ensuring a solid security infrastructure.
The Bologna company operates in this field via the consultancy of highly qualified people in managing the main Identity Management platforms.

Net Service staff’s unique expertise, combined with the use of the best technologies currently available on the market, ensures Organizations receive the maximum protection of access to their company resources, without negatively affecting productivity. In fact, simply implementing a password authentication framework, or certificate, allows to maintain very strict security policies for access control.

The advantages of adopting reliable identity management solutions

reduction of security risks
increase in the flexibility and reliability
of the identity check process
increased user productivity
creating trusted identities
User Experience simplified
regulatory compliance

The best technologies for maximizing the quality of your company’s infrastructure


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Are you looking for the perfect Identity Management solution for your company?

If you’re interested in implementing Identity Management solutions contact Net Service. Our company uses the best technologies available and will be pleased to provide you with all the necessary information.