The Case Management System 
for Enterprise-class Organizations

Astrea® Solido CMS  is the innovative collaborative platform specialized in managing operating procedures
for both national and international Enterprise-class Organizations

The web application that can be quickly implemented

Astrea® Solido CMS (Case Management System)

 is an intuitive, efficient and easy to configure web application, which allows Courts, Companies and Central and Local Administrations to effectively manage their procedures and the relevant official documentation.

Astrea Solido® CMS technological features

The platform’s strength is its technological features that enable automation of procedures, thus allowing for collaboration between players from various contexts.

Centralized Platform

with Data and Document Repository that is unique, shared between multiple offices or decentralized units and accessible online by all registered and enabled users.

Access Security

guaranteed by strong authentication that can be integrated into an online registration procedure.

User profiling

to access and operate the CMS based on one’s role.

Workflow task managing

the type of case being handled regulates the procedures, timing and communications between the parties.

Document management

to guarantee versioning, confidentiality management, electronic signature and approval of each individual document.

API-based interoperability

for managing reading, event monitoring, filing of documents and information that external systems or official websites can access.

Case studies

Unified Patent Court

The first fully digital European Court has adopted
the Case Management System developed by Net Service

Beauty Contest Management
and Lawyers' Register

Astrea® Solido CMS is the technological platform that enables the management of a Lawyer's List necessary for the awarding of legal appointments for the protection of the Entity or Company, according to the guidelines of ANAC and the Procurement Code.

ANAS S.p.A. has also chosen our solution

Astrea Digital Platform
The solution is an implementation by Astrea® Digital Platform and it is developed by Net Service based on its twenty years of experience in the legal sector.

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