An advanced framework for Businesses and Public Administration


Digitally Native Administrations and Companies (AIND) is a PIA type (Integrated Discount Packages) project financed by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, which began  in April 2016.

The project, developed by FlossLab in collaboration with three departments from the University of Cagliari, aims to study and implement an advanced framework for interaction and workflow applications for both the Public Administration and Businesses.


The project, created via the most modern technologies and a series of tools now widely available (Web, Social Network, Open Data, Smartphone, Tablet, Blockchain, vocal interfaces, etc.), takes advantage of the Agile methodology for the specification and design of Smart Contracts, making extensive use of Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence techniques, particularly in analysing Open Data and user sentiment. 

The AIND project is concentrated above all:

on studying a methodology for the recovery of the information assets of large organizations, and in particular of data that can become Open Data, which allows Public Administration and Companies to be able to make this heritage suitable for use in the new digital native solution in compliance with the key principles of Knowledge Management.
on defining a business ecosystem for Open Data use by third parties, aimed at the Public Administration and Companies.

Starting with the methodology (1), instruments have been created for generating, processing and use of Open Data, using Data Mining, Knowledge Management, automatic processing and the theory of complex networks. In order to tackle the challenges and opportunities related to the use of Open Data, the problems relating to the transformation and adaptation of information assets (of enormous size and constantly increasing, but often poorly structured) have also been addressed through Artificial Intelligence techniques applied to the DM.
The Agile Block Chain Dapp Engineering (ABCDE) development method stems from the extensive and articulated experience of the AIND project. 

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