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To create a dialogue between different systems and create a functional and efficient IT structure

Services and projects for every technological need

Founded as a software factory, Net Service has refined over time the organization and the processes for the production of reliable, secure and open IT systems, offering customers non-invasive solutions. The company approach is user driven, or rather bring the technology to support processes and not vice versa.
For that purpose, Net Service proposes itself as a technological partner and system integrator for Medium and Large Enterprises, able to integrate and to communicate different systems in order to create a functional IT structure capable of using the potential of the equipment, optimizing its functionalities.

Our technological integrations are designed to last a long time, to drastically reduce the «points of failure» and guarantee a unique and reliable contact-person for the entire life cycle of the solution, even if composed of multi-brand products.

For a complete and tailored-based service

Net Service offers a complete and tailored-based consultancy and design service, able to support the Customer in the process of technological innovation, from the analysis of needs, to the research of the most suitable solutions for each specific need, guaranteeing business continuity, safety of the data safeguarding the investments made.

IT design and development

The design and development activities of system and software application are carried out by internal personnel according to project management techniques through the creation of project groups in the various project phases.

Open Source Solutions

Net Service has always preferred Open Source solutions, which allow maximum integration and interoperability between systems. The company provides its customers with a specific group of expertise that operates in the field of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) solutions.

International Standards

Net Service aims at the vertical and horizontal integration of heterogeneous solutions, capable of integrating with the platforms already available to the customer. This propensity for interoperability is based on consolidated and documented international standards (ITIL, PMI).

Interventions and Assistance

Net Service has a specific area in charge of guaranteeing the Customer adequate and continuous support, as well as a rapid response to the emergence of any problem. The service includes not only technical interventions, but also personalized consulting support activities.

Analysis and implementation of IT security procedures

In this context, the protection of IT assets is fundamental. The cyber security fielded by Net Service operates through both technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of the Client's infrastructure and prevent potential attacks. The company ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of each critical asset.

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