The Cloud platform for Telemedicine

HINT (Healthcare INtegration in Telemedicine)

Main objective of the operation: Enhancement of the regional and national innovative system

Intervention co-financed within the POR Puglia FESR-FSE 2014-2020 - Priority axis 1 - Research, technological development, innovation - Action 1.6 "Interventions to strengthen the regional and national innovative system and increase collaboration between companies and research structures and their enhancement "- INNONETWORK CALL - Aid to support R&D activities.

DESCRIPTIONHINT is the Cloud platform for remote medicine based on Hub&Spoke architecture and on Imaging. To create HINT Puglia, Net Service has used its own Cybersecurity skills and the virtualisation of archives and repositories, also enriched with semantic infrastructures, the processing of biomedical images, the development of a secure document encrypting system and automatic management of the document storage system.

AMOUNT FINANCED: 287.476,97 €

Healthcare Integration in Telemedicine (HINT) is the Cloud platform for Telemedicine based on Hub & Spoke architecture and Imaging, that supports international standards (DICOM, HL7, IHE, etc.) for integrating health-related data, processes and diagnostic images.


The objective of the project is twofold.
On the one hand, develop tools to simplify the sharing of health-related data among those involved so as to ensure the correct execution of the diagnostic process and to facilitate access to highly specialized profiles with regard to services that require diagnostic imaging even in emergency situations or limited availability of ICT tools.

On the other, enable overcoming the traditional method of providing teleconsultation (be it neurological, dermatological, healthcare tele-cooperation or emergency/urgent teleconsultation) and the evolution towards a complete and optimized management of the patient's clinical workflow.

In order to implement HINT Puglia, Net Service applied its expertise in Cyber Security and virtualization of Archives and Repositories, enriched with semantic infrastructures, processing of biomedical images, development of a secure document encryption system and the automatic management of a document storage system.

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