The innovative DAPP development process

Agile Blockchain DApp Engineering

The Agile Block Chain Dapp Engineering (ABCDE) development method stems from the Amministrazioni e Imprese Native Digitali (AIND) project, developed according to Agile methodology for the specification and design of Smart Contracts; the result of the collaboration between FlossLab and the University of Cagliari.

This is the first Agile method designed with the aim of minimizing the risks on the insecure development of Smart Contracts through security patterns, checklists and testing.

An avant-garde development process

This innovative development process is based on the definition of the requirements through User Stories or use cases and uses modified versions of UML diagrams to allow the developer of:

  • specific the requirements
  • design and implement
  • test Blockchain applications using Smart Contracts and apps for accessing

The project was presented in Moscow at the Software Engineering Conference Russia (SECR 2018) in October 2018 and on 11 January 2019, in San Francisco at the Blockchain Connect Conference: Academic 2019.
In both cases the project was embraced as a world novelty, mainly because it deals with the Blockchain sector, where development takes place quickly and, often, without following specific processes due to the crucial need to arrive first on the market. An urgency that characterizes practically all highly innovative sectors.

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