Operating Systems

To collect, manage, integrate and enhance your Company’s data 

Managing data makes the difference

In recent years, the amount and types of data have increased. To keep up with the times, Companies must therefore be able to take advantage of the various types of information from assorted and non-shared sources

Without effective and accurate Data Management, it is extremely difficult for any company to integrate and collect this information in a Data Warehouse and achieve the Business Intelligence necessary to exploit it in its favour.

Data management according to net service

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

In order not to leave unused data, Business Intelligence must be applied to enclose it in a Data Warehouse and subsequently transform it into useful information through the development of dynamic reporting (reports, OLAP analysis, dashboards) in support of Decision Management. In this way, identifying business problems and new business opportunities becomes simpler and more immediate.

Un approccio IT a container

Data integration is the first step to transforming a company's data into meaningful and valuable information. Through a set of techniques, such as ETL (Extract Transform Load), data can be loaded into a central Data Warehouse, thus allowing companies to combine data from various heterogeneous sources and, consequently, provide users with a complete, unified and real-time vision of business performance.

Why keeping the OS up-to-date is crucial

Fundamental in this context, however, remains updating.
In fact, updating the Operating System on time makes it possible both to improve the security of the device, protecting it from possible attacks, and to obtain new functions, increasing the overall performance level.
Net Service offers this service, also providing for the application of 0-day patches where required, i.e. in critical information systems exposed directly to the Internet.

Some of the main operating systems of which net service has gained knowledge and experience
and on which it can guarantee targeted and effective interventions:

Would you like to turn your Company's data into valuable information?

Over the years, Net Service has gained significant experience in managing an efficient Data Governance process, based on secure and proven methodologies. Its experts can provide you with effective personal advice.