Enterprise Content Management

Open, flexible and scalable features to access your content at any time

The importance of effective content management

ECM (Enterprise Content Management) is much more than simple software, it is a business’ pursuit of a content management system, where by content we mean any type of documentation existing in a company, be it structured or unstructured.

When effectively managed by the owned organization, this content can be used to engage customers, automate business processes and improve collaboration with other Organizations.

Concrete support for companies

ECM solutions therefore help companies to acquire, manage, store, preserve and send the endless electronic and physical information that proliferate within a Company, from electronic mail to digital videos, from paper files to the ever-increasing number of office documents.

The advantages of adopting ecm software

The ECM solutions proposed by Net Service allow Organizations to take full advantage of the information collected on customers and the company knowledge incorporated in the contents.
The main advantages deriving from adopting ECM software are

reduction of costs related to the management and storage of analogue documents

integrated and multi-device management of business content

 reduction of the risk of document loss

more rapid and selective access to company information assets

use documents remotely

better control over management, production and editing of any new versions of documents already present

 improvement of document flows

wide range of additions and Add-On modules 

customizable features through Open technologies

Net service's expertise on some important technological platforms

Are you thinking of optimizing and securing your document workflow and reducing the costs of managing paper documents?

The Net Service specialists can help you to choose the ECM platform that best suits your business needs.