The dynamic ICO evaluation platform

CASCO - Complete Assessment of Smart contracts and Coin Offers

Main objective of the operation: Strengthening the regional and national innovation system
DESCRIPTION: The objectives of the project are: to build the world's first platform for the analysis of the intrinsic security of ICOs and the monitoring and analysis of all data traceable to tokens registered in the main blockchains, reporting detected vulnerabilities or anomalies in cryptocurrency transactions in a timely manner. Actively contribute to the achievement of the overall objectives dictated by the S3 of the Sardinia Region, through the ICT AdS, integration and analysis of Big Data collected on ICO transactions.

AMOUNT FUNDED:  137.403,70 €
CONTACT: [email protected]

Crowdfunding through cryptocurrencies

The CASCO – Complete Assessment of Smart Contracts and Coin Offers project aims to create a dynamic ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) evaluation platform, that is, transactions carried out in crowdfunding using cryptocurrencies. The project, financed by the Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, was launched by FlossLab in 2018.

For increasingly automated analyses

The platform integrates the analysis of the intrinsic security of Smart Contracts (Ethereum and others), the monitoring and analysis of all the data attributable to the Tokens registered in the main Blockchains - promptly reporting the vulnerabilities found or any anomalies in the cryptocurrency transactions – along with those available on ICO presentation sites.

An ambitious project, which uses the most modern Data Mining techniques for:

  • finding large amounts of information on websites
  • analysing the relative software projects
  • analysing transactions on heterogeneous Tokens

The above is carried out by applying Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to automate data analysis as much as possible while highlighting anomalous behaviour.

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