Customer Relationship Management

For longer lasting and more efficient business relationships

An essential instrument for businesses

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the indispensable tool for all those Companies that want to manage and display their online and offline contacts in a single place and, more generally, all the interactions with their potential and existing customers.

The automation of the customer database management process opens up many opportunities for businesses. First of all, it improves the internal operational coordination, eliminating a series of manual practices, and speeds up communications between the various company departments. Secondly, it allows the Company to easily obtain and consult the fundamental information on the Organizations with which it weaves working relationships, while tracing dynamic profiles.

An it system that can make the difference

A CRM system provides the Company with an accurate overview of its network of contacts which, if analysed and managed correctly, enables it to successfully conclude a greater number of negotiations, increase sales and make more precise forecasts.

In other words, adopting a good CRM system nowadays means improving your business relationships, and there is no new generation entrepreneur who doesn’t know this.

The advantages of adopting crm software

The CRM systems on which Net Service normally operates are supported by innovative technologies that enable to better manage each contact and turn it into a source of profit.

Standing out among these are Odoo, the Open Source and modular CRM that can be developed on the basis of one's needs, and HubSpot, the tool that has revolutionized the way of marketing thanks to the development of the Inbound methodology. This method, which enables to be found by potential customers, is built in contrast to the traditional methodology, called Outbound, based on a message directed solely towards the customer.

In order to maximize results, by increasing traffic on one’s ecommerce site, Net Service also recommends the integration between HubSpot and Shopify, so as to align all the activities towards a single goal: to sell more and faster. 
In summary, the main advantages that CRM software can offer are:

coordinate everything on a single platform, so as to align the Marketing and Sales staff
establish stronger and more continuous business 
reduce advertising and marketing costs
help salespeople understand the hottest leads to focus on
automate the sending of e-mails and company newsletters (E-mail Marketing)
being able to manage your site as a normal CMS, but much faster and more advanced
have Live Chat and Bot for automatic replies
be able to create custom views to manage your contacts
monitor the progress of commercial negotiations
assign tasks, deadlines and reminder e-mails

Net service's expertise on some important technological platforms

Want to see your business grow? 

A good CRM system could be what you need. The Net Service specialists can accompany you not only in choosing the solution that best suits your needs, but also its implementation and maintenance.