To authenticate university degree certificates via Blockchain


Its name is Almacert, and it is the first system in Italy to use Blockchain technology to certify academic titles and guarantee their integrity and authenticity.

Designed by FlossLab, and developed in 2018 in collaboration with the University of Cagliari, the platform offers European Universities the possibility of certifying the Diploma Supplement of their graduates within the Ethereum public Blockchain.


  • the ownership of the documents presented
  • the non-alteration or falsification of documents
  • the actual date of acquisition of the degrees
  • the use of digitally certified documents
  • the use of internationally certified documents

Grades and academic qualifications are essential in order to take part in competitions and demonstrate the actual possession of qualifications and skills. Through Almacert, every graduate will find their Diploma Supplement registered and guaranteed by their University thanks to the immutability and transparency offered by Blockchain technology. The Diploma Supplement solves, at a European level, the recognition of degree certificates.

The Almacert project uses a general platform for the certification of data and documents on distributed public Blockchain registers, such as electronic invoicing, electronic payments or meter reading, and is already available for the Ethereum and BitCoin Blockchains.

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    To authenticate university degree certificates via Blockchain

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