Net Service: a company with an innovative heart

Innovation is a value of primary importance.

The zero point from which to start to develop each new technological solution and, at the same time, the goal to be achieved with each project.

Research and development are essential in Net Service's corporate culture, at least as much as competence and safety.
The company has built its competitiveness in national and international markets on the development of reliable, cutting-edge and technological solutions and products.

An investment strategy dedicated to excellence

In order to propose ever more innovative and performing IT systems, or rather systems that satisfy the new needs of Companies and Public Administrations, during the two-year 2018-2019 period Net Service has invested roughly 10% of revenues in Research and Development, continuing an ambitious investment and highly competitive program both in economic terms and in terms of human capital.

The Research and Development Centre: Blockchain, Process Mining, Big Data e Cyber Security

All research and development activities are carried out within a dedicated area with highly qualified personnel tasked with identify opportunities for innovation. The resulting innovative technologies and solutions developed are thus transferred to the production and marketing divisions of the company. This area is well-established and has been carrying out innovative projects for many years either as the result of a decisive group investment or in collaboration with the academic and research world, also through funded research projects.

Today, the Net Service Research and Development Centre is engaged in new research areas, such as the study of new Process Mining and Machine Learning techniques, as well as continuing its research in the field of development of systems based on Blockchain and Artificial intelligence. These systems are technologically advanced and designed to solve complex problems connected above all to the Big Data and Cyber Security sectors and, more generally, to secure data management in distributed environments.

An open channel with the academic world


Net Service has been working seamlessly with the academic world since its birth. The first interactions see the University as a quality certifier of deliverables, documents and software produced by the Bolognese company for its customers.

The success of this organizational model, innovative in its application to the Public Administration, has subsequently evolved into an actual collaborative model. A new scheme in which the University takes on the role of works management, ensuring third-party status, quality and respect for timing, as well as the virtuous interaction between the industrial world and research in the field of Information Technology.

Among the projects carried out in this context are the ABI project (Italian Banking Association) and some PON Security - Justice projects, while the following stand out among the most important academic collaborations:

Net Service boasts a multi-year collaboration with the University of Bologna, especially with the DEIS (now DISI: Department of IT, Science and Engineering), the Department of Statistical Sciences and with the DICAM - Department of Civil Engineering, Environmental Chemistry and Materials.
The collaboration with the University of Cagliari plays a strategic role for the Net Service Research and Development Centre. This is demonstrated by the recent Protocol of Understanding signed with the DMI - Department of Mathematics and IT for the creation of the Cripto-Voting project, funded by Sardegna Ricerche through the POR 2014 FESR Sardegna.
Also noteworthy is the collaboration with the ICT-NEXT - ICT Innovation Centre and Tertiary Innovation (POR CALABRIA FESR 2014-2020), in which the research organizations of the University of Calabria, the Magna Graecia Catanzaro University and the University of Mediterranean Studies in Reggio Calabria converge, along with some representatives of the sector. ICT-NEXT, of which Net Service is a founding member, aims to promote and circulate new technologies in Calabria, particularly through a Support program for collaborative R&D activities to develop new sustainable technologies, products and services. To this end, Net Service has a specific laboratory in Rende.
Net Service is mainly engaged in the study of innovative applications of Process Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain with the Engineering Department of the University of Ferrara. The Bolognese company also collaborates and funds a research doctorate for the application of second generation Blockchain technologies in the field of eGovernment and, recently, it has implemented a distributed professional register, created with Blockchain technology

Competence Centres: towards new synergies and research in the Enterprise environment

The constant interaction with the academic world has led Net Service to move towards applied research and the consequent creation of highly specialized Competence Centres, in which to study new technologies and their application on the Enterprise market. Worth highlighting within this framework, due to the considerable international relevance, are:

Asset Publisher

The Blockchain Competence Centre located at the FlossLab company, established as a spin-off within the Software Engineering Research Group of the University of Cagliari, which joined the Net Service Group in June 2018.


The Open Source Competence Centre, one of the first Open Source competence centres in Italy, deals with the application of specific processes for product evaluation and community monitoring (product roadmap, project fork, Bug Fixing, forums, etc.) and its most relevant result is, to date, the Telematic Process project, entirely created and supplied through Open Source technology. 


In 2018, Net Service also became an active member of INFRACHAIN, a European non-profit organization supported and led by the government of Luxembourg, created to establish governance principles in the Blockchain sector.

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