The responsiveness of a lean and efficient structure,
the solidity of a great operator

What we do

Since 1997, we’ve been designing and developing secure and tailored IT solutions and technological services. We integrate information systems and design the digitalization of business and management processes for both Companies and Public Administration.

 In other words, we combine innovation and experience so as to simplify complex processes and improve the workflows of our customers.

Our objective

Our aim is to provide efficiency, transparency and simplicity in the definition and management of any complex organization’s processes. We put culture at the centre of the digital world and imagine new meanings for the words Innovation and Technology.

We invest in continuous research and training, in order to remain at the forefront of current trends and transformations, anticipate market demands and respond promptly to the growing demand for reliable and safe IT systems.

Our values: what identifies and distinguishes us

We are among the first companies in the IT sector in Italy to have obtained for its integrated management system the underlying international certifications under ACCREDIA accreditation.

  • INFORMATION SECURITY extended to ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 audits with last TUV Italia surveillance of 19-22 June 2023

What identifies our experience in the sector and distinguishes our technological and business competence, are the numerous certifications achieved over time. In 2016 we were also included by the AGCM in the list of companies with Legality Rating.

A Young and Qualified environment

The security and professional growth of our employees and collaborators is fundamental for us. This is why we invest in their training, enhancing personal skills and attitudes.
Translated into numbers:

  • 190+
  • is the number of our employees. All with the utmost IT skills
  • 36
  • the average age of our employees and collaborators does not exceed 46
  • 72%
  • of our employees know more than one programming language
  • 42%
  • of our employees has already achieved a certification

An Ethical and Collaborative approach

The core pillars of our Company Policy are Quality, Transparency, Legality, Environment, Health and Safety of workers and Secrecy of Information.

We believe in honest behaviour and protecting the environment. Merit-based growth and collaboration within working groups are essential to offer top-quality IT solutions. In 2012, we therefore adopted an organization, management and control model for our activities in line with the requirements of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001. Moreover in compliance with the provisions of the law, we have adopted a Code of Ethics.

We are an SA8000 accredited company

The SA8000 Ethical Certification finds its raison d'être in the acronym of Social Accountability 8000, a worldwide recognised reference standard created with the aim of guaranteeing optimal working conditions.

Complaints and reports, in relation to facts and events of an abusive, offensive or illegal nature occurring in or related to the work environment and in contrast with the social accountability principles of the SA8000 standard, can be forwarded by clicking the button below:

Maintaining good customer relations

We work towards the principles of trust and collaboration in order to meet our customers’ demands and start an actual process of dematerialization of document flows and the digitalization of their administrative, commercial or business activities.

We combine an incremental development process (i.e. Agile) with the classic waterfall process that is capable of providing customers with tailor-made, non-invasive solutions that are perfectly integrated in their context. 
Innovation is the point from which we start to develop every new technological solution and, at the same time, the goal we aim to achieve.
Cyber Security, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence are our current fields of primary interest, however research within our Research and Development Centre never stop

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