To collect, manage, integrate and enhance your Company’s data 

Managing data makes the difference

In recent years, the amount and types of data have increased. To keep up with the times, Companies must therefore be able to take advantage of the various types of information from assorted and non-shared sources

Without effective and accurate Data Management, it is extremely difficult for any company to integrate and collect this information in a Data Warehouse and achieve the Business Intelligence necessary to exploit it in its favour.

Data management according to net service

Net Service has strong competences in the field of both software and app design and development, and web programming, so it always includes specific Front-End competences in its teams.
In the case of software and app programming, Front-End developers deal with that part of the system that manages interaction with the user (interface) or with external systems designed to collect and/or produce input data (e.g. user interfaces with forms).
In the programming and development of websites, on the other hand, they work on that part of the sites visible to the user and reachable through so-called user actions.

Fundamental to both these areas is UXD (User Experience Design). User experience means any aspect related to the interaction between the user and a given IT system, thus including interface, graphics, industrial design, physical and manual interaction. UXD is therefore a process aimed at increasing user satisfaction and loyalty through a series of interventions that start from an in-depth analysis of the user's overall interactive experience. Each Net Service UX Designer therefore aims to improve the usability of any IT system, app or web page developed, in addition to the pleasure provided by interaction.

Through the Agile prototype approach with successive interactions, Net Service developers can also prepare Front-End improvements that are immediately visible and open to further intervention, while the mastery of specific Mock-Up techniques guarantee a high level of quality in the prototype design of user interfaces.

The benefits of effective front-end work

Net Service offers its customers the best Data Management solutions, including some of the most used tools in the Enterprise Business Intelligence world. This enables customers to obtain concrete advantages from correct information processing.

Would you like to turn your Company's data into valuable information?

Over the years, Net Service has gained significant experience in managing an efficient Data Governance process, based on secure and proven methodologies. Its experts can provide you with effective personal advice.