Artificial Intelligence

To manage large quantities of data and complex information

An intelligent it system

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a generic term to indicate the capabilities of automatic learning systems that humans perceive as representing intelligence. 
Artificial Intelligence is therefore an IT system capable of carrying out activities that normally require human intelligence.

Systems based on this technology allow extracting information from heterogeneous data sources through automated processes.
This makes it possible to effectively take advantage of large amounts of data that are impossible for a human being to manage. The information obtained, in fact, often coincides with intuitions and behavioural models that cannot be deduced with deterministic or statistical approaches.

The features mainly used

Typical features include: voice recognition, images and videos, environmentally interacting automatons, natural language processing, instant translation, conversational agents, complex system modelling, creativity support, intelligent automation, advanced simulation and analysis and complex forecasts.

The advantages in adopting artificial intelligence systems

Artificial Intelligence opens up new scenarios and offers incredible development opportunities. In order to take advantage of them as much as possible, while respecting the ethical controversies that still surround this technology, Net Service follows its own ethical line regarding both the goals that it aims to achieve using this technology, and its design, development and use.
The advantages provided by adopting AI systems are in fact numerous and, at the moment, can be grouped into these three macro-categories:

Optimising the potential of Artificial Intelligence in order to automate repetitive tasks, can increase productivity and free up resources. This translates into more time and staff to be employed in other areas so as to increase the Organization's competitiveness.


AI systems convert data into intelligence to simplify Supply Chain management. This can represent a huge competitive advantage for any organization that intends to align its products and services more quickly with new customer needs.

In the era of Customer Experience, the Customer Journey often takes place through various channels. Artificial Intelligence allows you to translate huge volumes of complex data into understandable and easily accessible information. This provides a more consistent Omnichannel Customer Experience.

The best solutions to face the challenges of industry 4.0

Are you looking for an Artificial Intelligence solution that meets your Company’s needs?

Net Service is part of the Italian ecosystem of companies operating in the field of Artificial Intelligence and, for years now, has been helping entrepreneurs in every sector in implementing this technology.
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