A concrete support to get the most out of technology

We offer consultancy, capable of responding to every technological need, to companies and to anyone who wants to extend their digital culture, guaranteeing punctual assistance and high-level training of our employees.


Net Service does not limit itself offering a simple technological consultancy service, but supports its customers since the preliminary organizational analysis, to ensure that the applied technology is effective and modeled on their specific needs.
The success of an information system is closely related to the optimization the intervention of business processes has brought and it is from this assumption that the Company starts.

Net Service’s consultative approach presupposes a preliminary analysis of the context (Assessment). The Company, beside the classic waterfall process, supports an incremental development process (for example Agile), capable of reducing the percentage of risk, giving back at the customer a tailor-made solution that is perfectly integrated in its context.


Net Service has a team specialized in different types of application maintenance (Application Management) and a specific area responsible for guaranteeing the customer adequate and continuous assistance, as well as a rapid response to any problem risen.

The assistance service includes not only technical interventions, but also Content Management activities and a consultancy support aimed at clarifying not only the methods used for the solutions developed by Net Service but even the processes of the related systems (System integration).


The company supports customers in securing the management of information (Cyber Risk Management) beginning from a first field verification approach. Thanks to its specialists and Certified Lead Auditors 27001 and 27017 | 27018, it offers consultancy and training services for companies looking to seriously address Cyber Security and GDPR compliance issues.

The company also offers a Hosting service in secure and certified Data Center environments. All company servers are organized in clusters and the storage is physically isolated and available in replication ensuring maximum reliability and protection to sensitive data and information.


Net Service was one of the first companies in Italy to invest in research for Blockchain (since 2014). Highly competent in consulting and the industrialization of platforms and software, Net Service has a cutting-edge Competence Center in Cagliari, through its subsidiary FlossLab (the first spin-off of the University of Cagliari), specialized in Blockchain and Open Source technologies.
The services offered by the team of qualified experts in this area are:

  • Support for integration of existing Legacy systems
  • Development of document-management systems supporting the production process
  • Development of applications for Consumers or Final Customers
  • Consulting and support the use of Blockchain within the production context
  • Integration with management software existing processes and IOT devices for automatic Blockchain certification

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