9/28/21 10:18 AM

Net Service and WESTPOLE together to develop new advanced features for the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure

The consortium won a seat to participate in the EU Blockchain Pre-commercial Procurement tender, with the aim of creating a modular and extensible infrastructure, characterized by different technologies related to Blockchain/DLT Technologies and based on the principles of interoperability, scalability, upgradeability, security and sustainability.

Net Service (with its branch specialized in Blockchain, FlossLab) and WESTPOLE, European player in the field of Cloud and Managed Services, and joined forces to respond to the call for tender of the European Commission, the EU Blockchain Pre-commercial Procurement . It aims at building and testing new innovative solutions that could improve the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI), a common infrastructure to deliver cross border services enabled by Blockchain and DLT Technologies. The two companies responded together to design and prototype an advanced system, able to meet the needs for a such large scale cross-border blockchain network. The project, in which the consortium will participate as one of the 7 winners of the tender, is divided into 3 different phases (for a total duration of two years): solution design phase, prototyping phase, final solution development and field testing phase.
The success of the consortium was facilitated, on one hand, by the in-depth knowledge of new frontier technologies by WESTPOLE, which has been providing digital services and infrastructures to International Organizations for years, and on the other hand by the decisive contribution of Net Service, which through his specialized company FlossLab (spin-off of the University of Cagliari) has been studying and implementing specific Blockchain applications for some time.


The European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI) and the PCP

The European Commission  in cooperation with countries from the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) is building the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure, with the aim of delivering cross-border services to public administrations, citizens and businesses across Europe.
In particular, the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) was born in 2018 from the cooperation between the European Commission, the EU member states and some countries belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA). The goal of EBSI is to use new blockchain technology to allow the exchange of information across borders, regulated by the principles of trust, community, cryptography and transparency.
In other words, EBSI is a real network based on Blockchain technologies and created to provide services to all member countries, enabling a range of use cases like document traceability, exchange of education credentials, exchange of information between administrations.
The purpose of the Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) is to develop new advanced features for EBSI to improve scalability, energy efficiency, security, data processing capabilities, which allow the implementation of new types of use cases such as, for example, the traceability of products through a digital product passport in support to the circular economy.

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