3/24/23 2:31 PM

Training Activities, the first practical approach to the UPC-CMS.

Three successful weeks of rounds of internal training have now been completed in the context of the launch of the Unified Patent Court - Case Management System.

An initial training session, which took place in Budapest from February 20 to March 9, was dedicated to appointed judges and clerks from various divisions of the Court.
This first round of three intensive four-day sessions provided an excellent opportunity for a first solid overview of CMS-related proceedings and a discussion of the practical workings and procedures of the system.

The training, organized by UPC in collaboration with Net Service, focused on the functioning of the Court's CMS, with panel presentations and practical sessions using the Case Management System, simulating the main procedural actions and applications required by the Entry into Force of the UPC Agreement such as Infringement actions, Preliminary objections, and others.

The training marked an essential milestone on the Roadmap of the Unified Patent Court, and also an important preparatory step towards the start of the Unitary Patent system, which is due on 1 June 2023.

In addition, to facilitate this transition Net Service has added the Entry into Force courses to its E-learning offering. The courses outline the CMS workflows, actors, and relevant Rules of Procedure.

For more information on the UPC-CMS courses, visit: Net Service Academy

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