Net Service Digital Hub:
Step into the future

The Net Service Digital Hub is a Business and Competence Centre at the service of companies and professionals who want to tackle new Digital Transformation challenges and adopt the relevant digital competencies. 

Stemming from the twenty-year experience of Net Service in the IT sector, the Digital Hub is a multi-functional, interactive and technological space in which to share know-how, technologies and best practices, so as to create an ecosystem of value with a high social impact.

An approach to Digital Transformation with a short supply chain logic

Positioned in the heart of Bologna, the Net Service Digital Hub is a collector of experiences and technologies. An environment where various systems, infrastructures and digital tools interact to create new paths and digital transformation projects. In fact, within the Net Service Digital Hub you can learn about and experiment with the most innovative technologies, take advantage of consultancy services to explore new strategies, propose new projects and find the right answers to your business needs.
In other words, an experimental laboratory aimed at approaching the Digital Transformation with a short supply chain logic.

In fact, the Digital Hub aggregates realities operating in the various sectors of the supply chain of innovative services willing to share experiences and skills to reduce innovation cycles.

The main objective of the Digital Hub is indeed to overcome the traditional IT-centric approach,
which sees technological integration as the only requirement to start an actual Digital Transformation process, putting digital culture once again at the forefront.

A collector of knowledge, experience and technologies

The Net Service Digital Hub is therefore considered as a place for observation, learning and collaboration in the digital environment that cannot be placed in traditional models.

The starting point is that in order to create innovation it is necessary to change the way of doing business, exploiting the potential of technology and not simply increasing its availability. The Digital Hub is therefore a reality that looks to the future, pushing on the B2B accelerator in order to provide companies with the tools and skills needed to successfully face the Digital Transformation.

The idea stems from Net Service's awareness of the added value brought by digitalisation within contemporary societies and, consequently, of the urgent need to promote digital culture, particularly among companies and young people. This is why its spaces can host meetings, large events and professional courses in various disciplines, from Blockchain to Cyber Security, from Digital Marketing to IoT.

Thus, on the one hand, overcoming the digital divide is favoured, while on the other hand, the gap that still exists between the demand and offer for digital skills is reduced.

For an ecosystem of excellence within the digital environment

Roadmap di trasformazione digitale di processi aziendali
Progettazione e implementazione
Percorsi di formazione per middle e top level manager
Social Media Strategy
Servizi Cloud
Ottimizzazione infrastrutture tecnologiche
Business Integration
User e Customer Experience
Lead Generation e Inbound Marketing
Individuazione dei bisogni di innovazione digitale delle Imprese