Blockchain As a Service

Etherna is a platform that makes the use of Blockchain technology simple and transparent for any application and process integration.
It intertwines with its SideChain and the public Blockchains of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Net Service designed Etherna as a distributed platform for the supply, through high-level APIs, of services based on Blockchain technology, including B-Cert, B-Voting, B-Supply and B-Signature.


Employing SideChain natively avoids problems with the integration of applications, at the same time overcoming Blockchain’s typical limitations.

The mode of use of the services provides a specially designed API (Application Programming Interface), capable of making any Customer independent (both System Integrators and End Users).

Services are available via dedicated APIs, which make system integrators 
as well as end users independent in using Etherna.

Etherna simplifies Blockchain.



Etherna simplifies use of Blockchain technology and integration with customer applications

Temporal validity

The date of registration on the Blockchain is certain and guaranteed by the consent among all nodes of the Blockchain used

Application compatibility

Etherna guarantees full application compatibility and interoperability with the client’s existing IT system thanks to the availability of APIs supporting reading and writing activities on the supported Blockchain


Etherna guarantees that the registrations 
have not been altered over time since their registration


The mechanisms for verifying immutability and temporal validity are made possible through a transparent process and public verification tools

Advanced features

The API level beyond accessing the raw data stored on the Blockchain is capable of writing Smart Contracts, interrogating them or updating them according to the requests of authorised users

Sidechain Etherna is a consortium Blockchain infrastructure promoted by Net Service Group, with Proof of Authority consent and based on the official products of the Ethereum Foundation. Sidechain allows clients to share controlled-cost Blockchain infrastructure with other Partners, while ensuring high immutability through periodic synchronizations on the Ethereum public Blockchain.

The use of the Sidechain Etherna offers multiple advantages:
● the containment of the cost per transaction
, which in the context of public Blockchain limits the possible writing activities to a few essential information of interest;
● the non-uncertainty of the cost per transaction with respect to fluctuations in cryptocurrencies;
● the low latency in sealing (sealing) of the new blocks, with the adoption of consent policies more suitable for the proposed application context;
● high throughput of transactions;
● greater compliance with GDPR directives
, thanks to data retention on European servers and on non-public Blockchains.

  • Application-level Assistance
  • System Integration
  • Customisations and Configurations
  • Consulting and Change Management
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Education and Training on the Job


To certify and track production processes on Blockchain


To guarantee all the requirements for a digital voting system


To certify the registration on the public Blockchain for all file types


To manage multiple signatures on certified documents

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