Cyber Risk Management and GDPR

Information and sensitive data more secure and protected

More opportunities, more risks

In the era of Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things, information and sensitive data have become a potentially inexhaustible source of wealth. A wealth that Professionals and Companies must protect with care, because greater interconnection means not only greater opportunities, but also greater exposure to vulnerabilities, threats and cyber-attacks.

With a well-planned cyber-attack, in fact, today it is possible to extract sensitive data from company databases, including those belonging to individuals. This represents a dual risk factor: on one hand, it can lead to a breach and leakage of sensitive data (Data Breach), on the other, penalties may be incurred, as the GDPR expects the Company to prove that it has done the possible to preserve their own data, and those of their customers, from the attack of hackers through an accurate analysis of business risks.

It is evident that, in this context, it is necessary for Organizations and Professionals to act promptly, implementing rapid up to date solutions, as well as an effective strategy that combines valid protection tools, Cyber Security and GDPR privacy.

A twenty-year experience in cyber security

For over twenty years, Net Service supports its customers in the secure management of data and information. The Company offers tailor-made solutions, which start from the definition of the scope of analysis and the evaluation of the organizational model of the Company or the requesting Office, to then modulate the type of service based on their real needs.
The Net Service proposal applies both to risk management processes (Risk Management) and to risk control processes (Risk Control) by planning, depending on the project, the following areas of application:

  • passive safety (physical, such as theft, fire, critical events)
  • active safety (logic)
  • organization of information security (operating procedures).

Privacy is good for business

Thanks to its staff rich in specialized figures especially in the field of Cyber ​​Security, Disaster Recovery, System Integration and Information System Auditing, Net Service has developed a special intervention methodology to help its clients for obtaining GDPR-compliance.

It is a complete service divided into three modules, Technology Compliance and Data Governance, Legal Support and Consulting and Commissioning of Marketing activities, useful to shepherd Companies and Organizations involved in the management of methodological and infrastructural changes needed to adapt to the new European privacy regulation. A personalized approach that is guaranteed by certified competences in application, infrastructural and legal sectors, as a result of over three-year investments in Research and Development (R&D) on issues of Information Security and Privacy.

The service, open to collaboration with technological partners, contemplates integration of the best practices defined in the ISO / IEC 29134 guideline of Cyber ​​Security and Data Management, and obtainment of the ISO / IEC 27001 accreditation scheme.
All this to guarantee the Organizations with modular, effective and flexible solutions, and to ensure that “Privacy is good for business” becomes a reality for each company.

Technological and data Governance Compliance 

  • Integrated organizational and technological assessment
  • Identification and classification of data and information flows (Data Inventory and Data Discovery & Classification)
  • Data governance
  • DPIA Analysis (Data Protection Impact Assessment)
  • Risk analysis (Risk Assessment)
  • Gap analysis and Remediation Plan or Action Plan (Risk Management)
  • Change Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Tools to support the DPO​​​​​​​

Settings of marketing activities

  • Analysis and cookie mapping
  • Anonymisation and pseudonymisation of Analytics platforms
  • Adaptation of best practices for sending newsletters and DEMs
  • Insertion of database of profiled users (Lead generation)
  • Creation of sponsored posts for social media (Social Media Advertising)
  • Search engine advertising campaigns (eg Google Adwords)
  • Census and revision of the DPIA of third-party marketing platforms

Legal and Consultancy support

  • Rewriting of information that study in deep data processing
  • Adaptation of the Cookie, Privacy and Terms and Conditions pages

Want to give optimal protection to data kept by your organization

Rely on Net Service. The Cyber Security team will indicate you the best strategy to protect your data and those of your customers.

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