IT security and reliability have a new name

A decentralized, secure and trustless system

Blockchain technology allows data to be stored in thousands of devices within a distributed network of nodes. Within these nodes, copies of a database are replicated and stored which, in fact, multiply the potential breaking points. This means that if a single node goes offline, its shutdown does not affect the availability or security of the data stored there.

When we talk about Blockchain we therefore mean an automatic, decentralized and secure system for obtaining and providing trust. A trust that is based on Distributed Ledger Technology, that is, on a register distributed among the various network nodes and structured as an immutable Block chain. The distributed network of nodes also checks transactions through a process known as Mining, which makes the Blockchain technology a Trustless system.

Blockchain: unalterable by nature

Whether public or private, a Blockchain does not allow to alter or delete information, only to add it.
This aspect, if combined with the concept of address, allows a Company or Organization to have temporally certified information/actions and, therefore, not rebuttable by the person/organization who put forth or requested the input.
In light of these peculiar characteristics, this technology’s applicable fields range from simple document certification, or electronic signature, to managing entire workflows/IT processes, such as electronic voting or Supply Chains.

The advantages of adopting software based on blockchain technology

Unchangeable registers
Reliability of sources
Data traceability and stability
A Trustless System

Net service: solid bases for stable structures

Net Service uses Open Source codes of the most famous cryptocurrencies as a starting point in order to develop its own software based on Blockchain technology. Among these we find: 

Would you like to use Blockchain technology to help your business grow?

Net Service has quite an active role in both the research and industrialization of software based on Blockchain technology.
You can trust our experts; their experience in the field can direct you towards a custom-tailored solution for you that can improve both the management and security of your Company's data.