5/10/23 6:04 PM

Patent Obtained for Etherna Blockchain Security Mechanism

Etherna has officially obtained the patent for the mechanism that secures its blockchain. This innovative solution delivers the robust security assurances of a public blockchain while simultaneously providing the advantageous features inherent to private blockchains.

Developed within the Blockchain Competence Centre of Net Service SpA and Flosslab, Etherna strives to provide public administrations and businesses with the benefits of decentralization, transparency, and immutability characteristic of public blockchains, while also offering the key advantages of private blockchains, most notably the controlled cost of transactions. In order to address the security concerns often associated with private blockchains, Etherna incorporates three unique features:

  • The inclusion of multiple nodes, each controlled by different partners;
  • Infrachain acting as an impartial third party, ensuring the smooth operation of the network;
  • A patented synchronization mechanism on public blockchain, offering exceptional levels of recognition.

It is specifically for this latter mechanism that Etherna has secured a patent certificate for industrial invention from the UIBM. Enrico Folegani, one of the inventors and patent holders, as well as the CTO of Net Service, shared his thoughts on the achievement:
"This industrial patent signifies a significant advancement in our relentless pursuit of technological innovation. Our team of experts has diligently worked to devise an inventive, high-performance solution that caters to the demands of the contemporary market. Etherna's patented system empowers us to provide our clients with cutting-edge technology that facilitates the enhancement of their performance and the attainment of their objectives in a more efficient manner."

Among the inventors of the system is Marco Di Francesco, a partner at Flosslab and the Head of Research and Development at Net Service Group, who shared:
"The system we have developed enables continuous synchronization between Etherna and a public blockchain, facilitating the mutual recording of the latest block from each of the two blockchains, thereby 'crystallizing' the transactions and information recorded. We are extremely proud of the patent we have obtained, as it represents the culmination of years of research, study, and experimentation. Moreover, we believe this is merely the first milestone in a much broader journey we have embarked upon, one that encompasses increasingly innovative technologies and ever more ambitious objectives."

The patent secured by Etherna, on behalf of Flosslab and Net Service, serves not only as legal protection for intellectual property but also as an added assurance for clients and partners. As Gianluca Ortolani, CEO of Net Service, highlights:
"This patent is particularly important to us because it demonstrates the company's ability to innovate, to develop new technologies and to know how to bring them to the market to offer our customers a real competitive advantage. It will also be a guarantee for our business partners and investors, who will be sure to find in us an innovative company committed to the long term."

Some of the most notable use cases of Etherna include the platform for certifying document processes developed for Infratel Italia and the blockchain-based supply chain tracking system, TrackIT, created for the Italian Trade Agency.

The patent certificate for industrial invention (N. 102020000028148 -
"Messa in sicurezza di una blockchain privata dotata di smart contract tramite algoritmo di consenso per la registrazione di blocchi di controllo su una blockchain pubblica") can be accessed via this link.

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